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About me

Born and raised in a small village near the city of Zurich, I spent a lot of time in the nearby forest. Trees have always had a calming and nurturing influence on me and the forest offered me shelter when I needed time to heal. In my teenage years I suffered from anxiety attacks that haunted me until my late twenties. Whenever I could, I'd escape to the forest and nature to help my nervous system regain its balance. Not knowing anything about the healing effect of trees at that time, I was naturally drawn to them.

My conscious life today began not only with my deep connection to nature, but also with years of yoga practice. With regular breath-work and meditation practice, I'm now almost free of anxiety attacks, and in its place has come a serenity that sweetens my journey through life and helps me to live in the present moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

2021, I came across Shinrin Yoku and its mindfulness practice in and with nature, and I instantly realized that it combines everything that's important and sacred to me in life. Without hesitation, I decided that I wanted to learn how to share this wonderful practice with others and completed my training as a Shinrin Yoku Health Guide in November 2021 and have been certified since March 2023.

Lea Reust

Certified Shinrin Yoku Health Guide

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